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Part one: x



the british primary school experience {listen}

because there aint no party like an s club party

- throwback to discos and cheesy pop music

oh my god it’s like my childhood in one playlist


so cool!
Please reblog if you think a blind person can cosplay.


I’ve been very self-conscious even though I never cosplayed, and I’m afraid that people will make fun of me if I show up at a convention with my cane, so please reblog if you wouldn’t mind?!


da baes (x)


satsuki putting on junketsu in english


(Art credit to boiledjeans)

I did a thing at 2 am


After today’s amazing episode I had the intense urge to do a screencap re-draw of the two idiot boys who stole my heart

I have a brotp guys

 rooster teeth/achievement hunter meme → [2/3] male member

     Blaine Gibson → ”Content producer at @roosterteeth productions. Warning to all followers: I make your fantasies come true.”